All of us want to have a business that can be done from home. All of us have heard about the ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Ebay, Etsy etc. but are not aware about the strength of these platforms when it comes to the business perspective.

Ecommerce Marketing can be defined as a process of guiding online shoppers to an ecommerce website (a website where you are selling your products or services) hence persuading them to buy your services, products etc online.

Who wants or require ecommerce marketing?

  1. An online store owner.
  2. Someone looking to start business online but now aware how to do it or where to start?
  3. Bloggers who want to start with products selling through their website.
  4. Manufacturer who is looking to expand and wants to sell products online.

So, from above it is clear that if you want to start some business or if you are already running a business successfully, eCommerce marketing is required by all who wants to earn money online.

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