How to Create a Webform in Getresponse – For Newsletters

Creating a Webform in Getresponse in 2018

Firstly, I would like to tell you about GetResponse, Basically it is a bulk e-mailing tool and it is a complete suite of simple-yet-powerful solutions, scaled and customized for small and large companies. This tool designed for organizations that want to implement effective, high-impact campaigns that drive marketing ROI.

GetResponse email marketing and online campaign management platform helps entrepreneurs build targeted subscriber lists and send high-impact newsletters, video emails, and follow-up campaigns. It offers marketing
automation, responsive email design, hundreds of ready-to-use email templates, landing page creator, and useful statistical analysis tools.

Steps to Create a Webform in Getresponse

  • To create webforms, firstly you have to login to GetResponse website.
  • After login you have come to a particular screen which is your dashboard basically,on that you can see there are some free actions such as Create Forms, Create Newsletter, Create Landing Page, Add Contacts etc.
  • So, first of all we have to click Create Form Button, it will open an interface where we can see lot of options out of which one is of your List Builder Wizard, List Builder Apps, Plain HTML and Integrations.
  • As of now we have to just focus on List Builder Wizard, when we scroll down we can see hundred of templates, which we can use according to our business and our website. we can match our themes and after that we can use any one of the templates.
  • After that templates goes in editing mode, here we can see there are lots of options such as first name, last name, birth date, address and lots more. Basically here we can beautify our webform and we can create our web form according to our requirement so, everything is editable over here.
  • So if u can see if you want to add some columns you can add or if you want to delete you can delete. When you are ready with your form just simply click on save and publish option after that you get a message that your webform is saved.
  • Now, form is saved and it generated java script code which we have to paste on our webpage where we want to display our webform, where we have to capture our data.
  • It can be your landing page or any other page any web page of your website so simply we have to copy this, again there is a copied message then we have to go our wordpress dashboard and from there we have to select the pages where we want to paste our webform, we have to open that particular page and go to the text section of the page and simply we have to paste the java code and then click update button. So, in that way we updated our web page.
  • After that visit your website and see that webpage is showing or not. In this way we can create our webform through get response beautifully and then whatever data is entered in it will be automatically saved in the get response contact list.

I hope this tutorial helps you make your web-forms easily.

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